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You’ll learn to:

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  • Correctly evaluate properties
  • Invest in lucrative notes
  • Navigate the new tax laws

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Leon Johnson

Leon is a veteran investor that specializes in creative finance. Through the years, Leon has owned several small businesses, including independent insurance agencies and H & R Block Franchises, but his passion has always been real estate investing, especially singlefamily houses. He loves problem solving—utilizing creative real estate techniques that leave both him and the owner in a better situation.

Peter Fortunato

Known as the “Deal Maker” Pete Fortunato went straight into the real estate business after being encouraged to do so by his father after graduating from high school in 1965. Since then he has become a successful investor and highly regarded mentor. Pete is a master when it comes to developing real estate transactions. Due to personal investment experience, he is able to explain these complex deals to anyone in the classroom. Pete also co-authored “Profit in Paper” the first nationally taught paper course. Pete Fortunato is, without a doubt, one of the finest real estate educators today.

John Hyre

John Hyre is a tax attorney, accountant and real estate investor with over 20 years of experience with direct experience in IRS audits and in Tax Court with SDIRA and REI issues. He consults with real estate investors of all sizes, small business owners and self-directed IRA/401k owners nationwide. He also represents taxpayers in audits and in Tax Court nationwide. He speaks nationally on taxation of self-directed IRA’s/401k’s, taxation of real estate & small businesses, and asset protection. Unlike most tax speakers, John is an entertaining but often “offensive” speaker – you were warned!

John Schaub

John, a Florida native, is a proud graduate of the University of Florida where he earned his B.A. from the College of Business and Administration in 1970. John has prospered during three recessions, four tax law changes and interest rates ranging from 6-16% in his 35 years as a real estate investor. His best-selling book, Building Wealth One House at a Time, assisted more than 50,000 real estate investors.

Clyde Wilson

In 1950, a 16-year-old Clyde Wilson dropped out of high school. By 1954, Clyde had purchased his first investment property which unfortunately resulted in a financial loss. Not one to give up easily, Clyde kept at it and purchased a house and commercial property in 1959. Clyde has mastered the ability to spot incredible opportunities and structure profitable transactions. Additionally, you’ll never find Clyde without his special “crystal ball” which he uses to investigate various “what if” scenarios to improve cash flow, yields, and/or profits.

Gary Johnston

Gary has been an active investor in real estate and notes for over 25 years. He was with Hewlett-Packard for 16 years as director of research and development in the LaserJet business unit and earned an MS in Management from Purdue University before leaving the rat race at age 38. Gary’s focus is buying and holding real estate and notes that generate cash flow. His teaching experience began as a simple project to document the things he’s learned about achieving financial freedom for his sons. Gary & Clyde teach classes ranging from how to achieve financial freedom to an in-depth three day financial calculator class.

Bonus speakers

Jeanne Stosser

Jeanne is the president of Sas Builders, a real estate development, construction and remodeling company. She's also a seasoned apartment investor, and the principal of Campus Management group, which owns and manages over 1,806 apartment units for student housing, totaling over 4,282 beds.

Mike Cantu

Mike Cantu is undoubtedly one of Southern California's best-known real estate investors. He's been a full-time real estate investor and real estate entrepreneur for over 30 years. Mike runs a buy/sell business as well as managing a portfolio of rental houses out of Upland, CA.

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